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The IIJD's mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty in Africa by providing tools necessary to address systemic institutional weaknesses, reform institutions of governance, build capacity and empower communities.

At the IIJD, we conduct research, consult, educate, advocate, and mobilize major stakeholders to build a stronger institutional foundation with a reliable justice system and provide a trusted environment for investments and human development.

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IIJD News & Publications

Conclusion on the IIJD’s African Land Grab Series

As discussed in this series, Africa’s Land Grabs are more than Property or Land Titles; they’ve tremendous impact on economic, self-determination, food and water security, and environmental justice.

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The illegitimacy of the institutional infrastructure supporting African land grab: unexposed issues

The legacy of European colonization had a profound impact on government institutions of African countries.

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Food and Water for Sale:  The Impact of Land Grabs on the Right to Food in Africa

Africans are no strangers to the issue of food and water insecurity, and land grabs only serve to exacerbate these insecurities on the continent

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Land Grabs and the Continued Fight for African Economic Self-determination

For the majority of Africans, their economic livelihoods are tied directly to the land on which they live.  When Africans are forced to ....

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The Environmental Destruction and Resource Exploitation of African Land Grabs

In addition to infringing on property rights, economic rights, and food and water rights, land grabs have also significantly violated the environmental rights of African people.

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